Morgo Catalogus 2022

Kunststofprofielen Kunsstofprofielen Lost Wax Casting Lost Wax Investment Casting Design Advantages • Lost wax casting provides greater design flexibility • Lost wax investment casting provides greater detail • Near net shape • Undercut: Semi Internal Hollows • Great alloy selection to enhance part performance • Significant Surface treatment and finishing N8(125mi) • Close tolerances • Magnesium Lost wax casting results in ULTIMATE weight reduction • Part dimensions up to 400x200x200mm • Part weight from 1 gram to 35 kg Lost Wax Investment Castings Cost Advantages • Lost wax casting provides near net shape lowers material usage • Reduce material costs • Lost wax investment casting reduces expensive machining operations • Eliminate expensive fabrications and weldments • Low initial tooling costs • 35% lighter than aluminium • 75% lighter than steel • Good Strength • High damping capacity • EFM/RFI shielding • Good thermal conductivity • Sustainability • Stiffness • Great Castability • Good Machinability • High Dentresistance • Full recycle ability